12 Awesome and Creative Ideas for your Walls

Everybody has a streak of creativity in them. With these ideas, you get to let that creative side of yours come out and shine! It is important to do so every now and again. Instead of leaving the walls in your home plain and boring looking, you can mix it up a bit and go crazy with your creative side so to make the walls look better and artsy. You can try these 12 incredible and affordable ideas for some of your walls.

Black Tape Crossed Wall

Black tape can serve many purposes. One of the purposes is to decorate your wall. You can cut out the tape into small pieces. Then, you will have to join two pieces at a time to create crosses then stick the crosses to your wall. The black tape is best used against a bright background.

Mountain Silhouette

If you love mountains, you can paint your wall into mountain silhouettes. This will look absolutely incredible! It is definitely a unique way to decorate your walls.

Random Dots

This DIY is quite simple. It basically involves sticking some dot stickers to your wall in a random pattern. With this idea, you do not have to measure the distance between the dots at all. All you are to do is to stick the dots straight to the wall in no pattern what so ever.

Sticker Patterns

You can choose to use stickers to cover your wall. Choose stickers that have a nice, neat and classy look. This will make your wall look tidy as well. For this, you can decide to draw outlines on the wall of the way you want the stickers to be positioned before you put the stickers. Then, follow that outline to insure that the stickers are in perfect order and pattern

Golden Tape

You can use golden tape on a dull background preferably black. This will definitely make the gold of the tape pop out! You can use the tape to make different patterns of your choices. You can choose to make different shapes as decoration.

Broom Brush

Painting your wall into a nice and vibrant color is definitely an option. The fun part about this DIY is that after you paint the wall, whilst the paint is still wet, you can use the head of a straw broom to sleep over it is one direction. This will create an amazing pattern.

Painted Leaf

You can easily cut out material so to make shapes of leaves. Then, you can stick the material to a background that contrasts the cu up leaf. You can use black material and stick it to green background so to clearly create the leaf effect. Then, you can place these made up leaves to the wall.

Patterned Boards

This DIY involves using shiny material to make small shapes and pattern, then; you stick these small shapes or patterns on a board until the board is fully covered. You then can take the boards and hang them on your wall.

Random Lines

Sometime doing things in an ordinary way can become boring. So, you can try to go a different way and use random lines as decorations to your wall. You can use different colored tape and stick it on your wall in no particular order thus creating a beautiful piece of art in the process.

Nail Art

You can create art by using nails. You can hammer some nails to a wooden board to create a beautiful piece of art. This will definitely be unique and lovely!

Mosaic of Discs

Another absolutely creative idea is to use record discs. On the discs, you can paint some beautiful mosaic patterns. You can use different patterns on different discs then place the discs all over your wall. I love this idea so much!


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