15 Creative Ways To Repurpose Men’s Shirt Into Little Girl’s Dress

One of my favorite DIY projects is the trash-to-treasure project. Do you have any old men’s shirts that are taking up space in your closet? There are many creative ways for you to reuse them. For example, how about turning them into little girl’s dresses? Here are 15+ creative ways to repurpose men’s shirt into little girl’s dress. I especially love the cute little dresses that are upcycled from Dad’s button down shirts. They are super easy to make and only require some cuttings and basic sewing skills. You don’t even need to sew any button holes because they are already there! These will also make special handmade gifts for the little girls. I am sure they will love their new dresses made from Daddy’s shirts. Enjoy!

1. Upcycled Men’s Shirt to Toddler Dress

Find out more details at Princes Ponies and Diamonds

2. Toddler Dress from Mens Shirt without Collar

Find out more details at Crafts by Amy Elliott

3. Turn a Men’s Dress Shirt into a Girl’s Shirt Dress

Find out more details at Made Everyday

4. His Work Shirt To Her School Dress

Find out more details at Girl Inspired

5. Turn Men’s Shirt into Little Girl’s Peasant Dress

Find out more details at Sew Much Ado

6. Simple Dress Repurposed From Men’s Button-Up Shirt

Find out more details at Make It & Love It

7. From Dad’s Shirt to a Little Dress

Find out more details at Amazing Mae

8. Men’s Shirt into Toddler Dress

Find out more details at Jensen Crafts

9. Repurpose Men’s Shirt Into Toddler Dress

Find out more details at The Sassy Pepper

10. Men’s Shirt Turned Polka Dot Party Dress

Find out more details at Peek-a-Boo Pages

11. Girl’s Shirt Dress

Find out more details at Martha Stewart

12. DIY Men’s XL Shirt into a Little Girl’s Dress

Find out more details at Life Is Beautiful

13. Men’s Dress Shirt to Girls’ Vintage Style Dress

Find out more details at Pa Country Crafts

14. Men’s Shirt to Dress Tutorial

Find out more details at Sewing Mama RaeAnna

15. From Daddy’s Work Shirt to Toddler Tunic


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