5 Crochet Projects You Can Do With Just 2 Stitches

Are you in a bit of a crochet rut? Maybe you’re like me and you just finished a big crochet project, and you’re looking for something a little more simple and easy to complete. These projects are fun and easy, and the best part is, you only need to know two stitches! This is the perfect project to sit down on the couch with and watch your favorite movie or show. Go ahead and find your next project on the list below!

Washcloth Set

I love the texture of these washcloths. If you know how to do a single crochet and a triple crochet, you’re good to go. The pattern works in such a way that the triple crochets pop out on one side – so you have one side that is textured and good for scrubbing, and one side that is smooth and great for drying. Go ahead and see how to work this pattern, and get to crocheting! Get the full instructions here!

Candy Stripe Blanket

Isn’t this candy stripe blanket just gorgeous? I love highly textured patterns in crochet, and this afghan is an easy way to achieve that look. The only two stitches you need to know are single crochet and double crochet. That’s it! Plus, by using chunky yarn like they do in this video, this project will work up quickly and you’ll be done in no time.

Moss Stitch Chevron

I just love everything about this pattern, and of course, I love tutorials from The Crochet Crowd! Mikey shows us exactly what we need to do to make this lovely afghan for ourselves. Start by chaining a multiple of 16, and then work your first row of moss stitches. The moss stitch is just single crochet and chain one, repeating until the end of the row.

Crochet Cord

This crocheted cord looks complicated, but would believe that you only need to know two stitches to get this amazing effect? It’s true! Chain and puff stitch are all you need to know to master this crocheting technique. In this video, we’ll get stitch by stitch instructions, and many examples of this technique.

Cool Breeze Blanket

Isn’t this baby blanket just lovely? I love the colors used here, as well as the subtle wave pattern going on. Believe it or not, this whole blanket is completed by using only two stitches – the double crochet and the treble crochet! This is a great pattern for those of you looking for a new skill or stitch to learn, while still keeping things simple and easy to memorize. Get the tutorial here!


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