This mom creates an amazing hairstyle to her daughter with just a pencil!

If you like to style your child’s hair and try new hairstyles regularly, you will love these little challenges! And if you know how to make braids, you will be even more stimulated! Because all these beautiful hairstyles are made with braids, but with this special tip that makes them very special!

Try hairstyles! You have to do it again and again to become a pro!

TIP: You can play with your child while doing it! Little girls like to play hairdressers! 😉

French braids ending with bunches!

A ponytail ending with a braid, brought to the back, on the right side!

Wow! Very small braids raised in high bunches!

Fishtail braid!

Beautiful! Braids around a large ponytail

Braids wider and wider with curls!

ORIGINAL! An upside down braid on the front of the head!

Enjoy the Video:


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