Clever jean hacks that we can all benefit from

It is difficult to find someone who doesn’t wear jeans. This symbol of American West seems that has conquered the world. Everyone wears them, from the Cowboys to the supermodels.People wear them for many reasons; they are comfortable, durable and make you feel sexy. Jeans indeed are the most personal thing one can wear. If you ask a group of people how many jeans do they have in their garderobe, surely there answer would be at least two.

Often when we buy jeans they don’t fit or get ripped off. Good news is that we can use hacks to make them as new again. Below you will find some of the cleverest hacks for your denim.

1.Turn Them Into a Backpack

2. Fixing Big Jeans

Source: Pinterest

Grip the back of your pants, and mark the sides where the fabric touches.Then sew a 2-inch elastic piece to the back, where the marks are.

3. Finding Your Size Without Trying

Source: YouTube Screenshot

4. Removing Gum

Source: Laundry in Louboutins

5. Denim Buckets

Source: Recylart

6. Scrape

Source: Diply

7. Lacey Jeans



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