The danger it poses for children to sit in a position W

If you are lucky enough to have a child, you will probably know the joy that you feel when you see your little ones give themselves a break after being all day running and finally sit down for a while to read, write or color.

While all this gives parents peace of mind and a bit of peace, those harmless activities at first glance could hurt them over time. That damage has nothing to do with colored pencils or books, but with the way your children feel.

If you look over the screen of your computer, you may see your child sitting with his legs in position “W” . This position loves the little ones because it is usually very comfortable and gives them enough stability at the time of sitting.

Many of us when we were little, we have sat with that position known as “Position W” while we spent time playing or watching television.

Through this posture, with the legs protruding from the sides, the boys gain stability during their game sessions.

Unfortunately, this position can take its toll over the years. The consequences can be orthopedic disorders , developmental problems and is harmful to our body posture.

This is how a child’s posture behaves when he sits in the W position. Sitting in this way hinders his ability to sit up straight, which weakens the back muscles and also strains our hips, knees and ankles.

This position is really worrying, especially in children who are still growing, because they can have serious problems in the trunk

And this is what happens when the little ones sit on their knees. This position helps them to stabilize and supports the lumbar regions of the back, resting all the weight.

Another great favorite alternative for children:

Sitting cross-legged is very comfortable and creates an atmosphere of fun among friends!

While children may feel more comfortable sitting in the W position right now, they will thank you some day when they grow up with their healthy joints and spine.

It is amazing how a simple change can now save you from a great pain later, since you will save the shortening and stiffness of the muscles of the hip and legs, which end in back and pelvic pain throughout the development of their bodies.

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