12 easy hacks to keep your home organized, beautiful, and clean!

These simple hacks will keep your home organized. Cluttering spoils the décor and makes a room feel drab and hence being organized is very important as it creates a welcoming space with a combination of style and tidiness. In contrast to what many home stores advertise, there is no need to spend a lot of money to get your house in order.We have collected some of the home organization hacks that will help you think out of the box the next time you have to sort your household items.

Hiding Thermostat Controls

Use the wall paintings in a clever way such that the thermostat box is not visible.

Shoe Organizer In Pantry

This is an easy and cheap way of organizing your cluttered snack items by putting them inside a plastic pocket shoe organizer. It will help you reduce the number of boxes in the pantry and effectively utilize the space.

Stop Buying Swifter Pad

Do you throw your old socks? Well, now you can think of using them for longer as a replacement for Swiffer pads.

Magnetize Your Hammer

Tired of searching for nails and screws? Just attach a magnet at the bottom of your hammer and these small items will not be lost again.

Command Hooks

These days many people don’t wish to put holes in the walls and these Command Hooks work great as storage for hanging many of the household items.

Ironing Board

Now you don’t need to think much about where to keep your ironing board. Just fix two coat hangers with a gap of 6 inches and hang the board on it.

Classy Detergent Bottles

Buying in bulk and thinking of keeping these items organized? Use your fancy glass drink dispensers and pour the liquid detergent in them to keep your laundry room looking classy.

Mail Organizers As Store Shoes

Keep your shoes and sandals in a proper manner with the help of mail organizers or magazine holders.

Keep Paint in a Jar

Not all the paint gets used up but a little quantity is always left behind. Store them in baby jars in your home and have them handy in case touch-up is needed.

Shower Rod For Storage

Use the storage rod inside your shower to hang the wash care stuff for extra space.

Using Shower Curtains

The shower curtains take less space inside the closet which is an interesting way of hanging your pants.

Foam Noodles

aWant to save your car doors from scratching against the walls? Simply, cut a foam pool noodle and screw it to your walls.

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