Home Decor: How to beautifully hang curtains

Textile Compositions for windows Have many options. A variety in design can be achieved not only by choosing a fabric for sewing curtains, but also using various accessories: cornices, drapery braids, picks, hooks, rings. There are many ready-made options on offer, and If the details offered in the store do not fit, you can think up decorative elements yourself, using fabrics, beads, artificial flowers, silk ribbons and lace.

Decorate the curtain just below the hanger with such remarkable strings in tone.

Use instead of standard stickies here such latches, as on suspenders. Very original looks and easy to attach!

Such a weave immediately attracts attention.

If the view of the ledge irritates you, then this is the ideal solution.

Knitted ornament in the upper part of the curtains looks very interesting and indicates the golden handles of the hostess.

The usual ties look laconic, but serve as a wonderful decoration.

Such bows will add comfort …

Even rough ropes as loops look cute.

Such an intricate weave looks very complicated, but in fact a lot of bothers not have to. In addition, hooks will not be needed.

Why the cornice, if you can only use hooks! This idea will definitely find application in my kitchen.

Colorful bows add elegance to the white curtain.

Such forged cornices will emphasize the shape of your window.

Buttons do not play a functional role, they serve as a wonderful decor.

Decorate the curtain with beads in the tone of the rings for fastening.

A great idea for a children’s room.


It is very good to mount directly to the cornice itself.

Very cute when the hooks are hidden under the cloth.

These draperies will decorate the most common shor.

No one will even think that your beautiful curtain is mounted on the most ordinary cornice.

Great ideas! It does not matter, you have expensive curtains or cheap, simple cornice or with a decor, the main thing is to show imagination for creating their wonderful duet. Also do not forget to pay attention to weightless tulle.

Make beautiful Window decor And do not forget to share wonderful ideas with your friends!


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