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14 Mar 2018

Branché avec peu d’argent et de la dentelle: voici 15+ nouvelles idées à réaliser avec de la dentelle

La dentelle est une tendance de tous les temps! Et surtout cette année, le vintage est en vogue et les vêtements avec dentelle sont super branchés. Mais comment rajouter de la dentelle ? Voici 18 idées magnifiques
13 Mar 2018

5 causes de petits trous dans les t-shirts

Partout dans le monde, il existe des mystères auxquels nous n’avons pas de réponses et qui ont lieu au quotidien. Pourquoi choisissons-nous toujours la file la plus longue à la caisse du supermarché ? Pourquoi le chat du
11 Mar 2018

25 DIY Miniature Fairy Garden Ideas to Bring Magic Into Your Home

Find out how to make a DIY miniature fairy garden and get ideas for this enchanting and fascinating garden trend, suitable for both kids and adults. 1. Broken Pot Fairy Garden Broken pot? Make a fairy garden! via
9 Mar 2018

DIY Hanging Paper Flowers

This tutorial shows that how to make a beautiful paper flower by very easy steps. You can make this hanging flower for your party or event decorations. Make the flowers by your own hand and beautifully decorate
6 Mar 2018

DIY crafts: How to make Flowers from Wire and Nail Polish !

In today’s master class we will make unusual flowers from metal wire and colored nail polish with our own hands. Of these colors, you can create any decoration in the hair. They look very nice and fashionable. For their
14 Feb 2018


You’re probably already well aware of life hacks of all kinds. Ranging from makeshift crayon candles to different ways to store cords, you probably think you’ve seen it all. But don’t be so sure! This list of
14 Dec 2017

15 Creative Ways To Repurpose Men’s Shirt Into Little Girl’s Dress

One of my favorite DIY projects is the trash-to-treasure project. Do you have any old men’s shirts that are taking up space in your closet? There are many creative ways for you to reuse them. For example,
12 Dec 2017

The Best Holiday Storage Hacks Will Save Christmas!

One of the most fun things this winter no doubt is decorating for the coming holidays. Decorating for Christmas holiday is great, until you have to clean it all up. You can leave up those beautiful holiday
7 Dec 2017

30 DIY Christmas Ornaments That Bring The Joy

These DIY Christmas Ornaments ideas will bring a festive feel to your home and gets you into the Christmas mood. 1. Handmade Christmas Ornaments – Popsicle Stick Sleds DIY project that even the kids can do and
7 Dec 2017

15 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

Coming up with some creative ideas that your kids will love can be difficult. Upcycling is a great way to share ideas. Use paper towel rolls and turn them into unique crafts for kids, toy cars, and much more.

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