Which Wedding Dress Would Fit Your Body Type The Best

Weddings are special and a lot of women do lose their sleep over deciding which dress to wear. We have the perfect guide for you to get started and you can find your exact fit based on your body type. But first, you need to identify your body type from the chart below.

#1 The A-line wedding dress for triangle/pear body shape

The princess wedding dress or the A-line wedding dress is perfect for your body shape as the long gown spreads gracefully outwards from your waist adding elegance to your looks.

#2 The mermaid wedding dress for inverted hourglass body shape

The hourglass shape is defined by equally proportioned waistline and the bustline. If you have a full bust and full hips as well as a well-defined waistline then you have an hourglass-shaped body and the mermaid wedding dress would be ideal for you.

#3 The empire wedding dress for round body shape

The round or apple body shape is defined by a curvaceous figure. If you have a full bust and full hips but you do not have a waist which is well-defined then you have the round body-shape.

#4 The ball gown wedding dress for inverted triangle body shape

The inverted triangle body shape is defined by the tapering of your body down from your bustline. If your shoulders are broader as compared to your waistline and if you have smaller hips when compared to your broader shoulders then the inverted triangle is your body shape.

The ball gown wedding dress is the ideal wedding dress for your body type as it accentuates your bustline and then elegantly flows outwards from your waist.

#5 The sheath wedding dress for rectangular body shape

The rectangular body shape is defined by a figure which is slightly less curvaceous. If your bustline and your hips are almost in proportion but in a straight proportion while your waist is not well-defined then your body shape is rectangular.

The sheath wedding dress is the ideal for your body shape as it perfectly reflects your body shape and adds to your grace.



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